Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Swimming with Daddy and Fun Day with Mommy

Ada has definately not been much of a water bug this summer, but over the 4th we did attend a party and she finally got in the pool a bit to play with her daddy. Mind you, it wasn't much or for long, but I think watching some of the other kids encouraged her a little. That and her onriness. Once Daddy got out of the pool, I told her "No more swimming." Nevermind it practically took begging her to get in. As soon as I said that, she took one look at me, walked over and got in the pool. I guess that's the way to get her in; tell her she can't.
Today, I wanted to take Ada to do something fun since it's her last week as an only child. I know I'll love this new baby just as much as I love my firstborn, but lately, I've been feeling SO guilty about bringing another child home; like it is somehow unfair to Ada. I'm sure all of these feelings will pass but right now I just want to cherish each little moment I have with just her. So we spent the day at the Dallas World Aquarium. I wasn't sure how she would like it or if she would even get it, but it was such a fun trip. Animals are the thing I probably work with her on the most so it was very fun to actually see some of the animals we talk about in books and on TV.
We LOVED the flamingo's! They were so pretty and pink. But a little smelly.
Here't the jaguar just like in "Tarzan." Although Ada called him a "kitty"

Good thing she doesn't seem to share her Mommy's extreme fear of sharks!

And of course the penguins. Who doesn't love the penguins?

Naturally, as a Tolles' girl favorite, we finished the day off with a snow cone which I failed to capture in photograph. It was certainly a fun filled day. Even now, Ada is still napping.
I know she won't really remember this day or what it represented in my life, but I will. And I'm so glad we spent a little extra special time together, just the two of us. Because the next time we get to do something like that, there will be another Ballard in tow.
Speaking of, no more progression news. I've been the same for the last 2 weeks so I'm not real optimistic I'm going to go into labor in the next 36 hours which means Cashew will be delivered via c-section Friday AM at 7:15. Coveting your prayers and thoughts! Will post soon with our new addition!

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steveandcaryn said...

I can't believe tomorrow is your big day! I'll be praying for you! I totally understand what you are feeling about feeling guilty over having another child. It will fade pretty quickly and you'll learn that you can love both children equally! Thinking of you guys and can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl!