Friday, August 10, 2007

Almost there...

Need a baby bump update? Here ya go!

Just kidding, but that is how I feel these days. Especially since August is upon us and we have 100+ degree weather forcast for at least the next week.
Today marks the completion of 37 weeks officially! This means we have exactly 2 weeks until our scheduled delivery, but lets hope little Peanut decides to make an early appearance. Kyle is a little disappointed that I've already begun negotiating with the baby. I keep trying to coax Peanut out by telling him/her about all the wonderful toys we have and there are so many people that can't wait to love on him/her. And of course, Trudy can't wait to meet the little bundle! But according to my doctor, he/she seems to be locked in there pretty tight at least for the immediate future.
Ah well...countdown is on. 14 days!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

More showers!

Kyle & I have been so blessed by the outpouring of love and support from our friends and family. We have been showered and showered and showered with gifts and parties and all kinds of wonderful things.

Our good friends Brian & Caroline, Mark & Brittany, Lynn & Harold and Gay & Greg threw us a very fun couple's shower in Waxahachie a few weeks back. Our Waxahachie friends are extremely generous and we are very grateful for the great party and wonderful gifts!

Kyle got a little Aggie outfit and a Hawaiin shirt that will match his extensive collection.

This is my dad and uncle Bill chatting it up.

Here's my sister Lindsay, my MIL Cindi, sweet cousin Maddie. And taking notes is Brittany who was kind enough to throw the shower and even opened up her own house to do it!

From L to R, Aunt Susan, Sherry and my Mom (Lynne).

This past Saturday, the wonderful ladies in our Sunday School Class threw a shower too. Everything was so pretty! And these ladies know what a new Mom needs. Since our class has produced about 15 new babies in the last 2 years, there were lots of wonderfully practical gifts that will get plenty of good use!

All of the beautiful hostesses!

If I'm being honest, the best thing about each of these showers...CAKE! And look how pretty this one is!

And here is an adorable Diaper Cake that my dear friend Sarah worked very hard on. Seriously, as I was diassembling this (which I HATED to do) I could see how much work she put into that. And did you notice? It matches the nursery perfectly!

My dad and hubby. Is it just me, or are they practically wearing the same shirt??

Thank you again to all of our family friends for all the generous gifts that you guys have given. It won't be long now before we are able to introduce everyone to a bouncing new bundle of joy!!