Wednesday, October 29, 2008


If you've ever attempted to learn a foreign language, its quite common that before you learn to speak it, you'll be able to understand it. When I studied in Mexico City, I always remember my girlfriends, upon being asked if they spoke spanish, reply "I understand more than I speak." Me, not really speaking or understanding any at the time, had no idea what they meant. Then as I learned to speak, I realized once the language clicks, comprehension is much easier than expression.

Anyhow, all that to say that I am starting to realize that's what is happening with Ada. As she is developing her knowledge for the English language, she can comprehend more than she can express. Oh, she has words. Namely, Sshoo (shoe), Troo (Trudy), Nana (banana), Bow (bow), Jiwaff (giraffe), and apparently although I haven't heard it myself, heh-whoa (hello).

However, it's apparent that when I talk to her, she knows what I'm saying. In response to "Ada, do you want some yogurt?" she beelines it for the fridge. Or if I ask if she's ready to take a bath, she drops whatever she's doing and practically sprints to the bathroom door. When its time for bed, I'll ask her if she's ready to go to sleep. She either replies with a firm "no" and a shake of her head, or sometimes she'll actually go straight to her room. It is really quite amazing.

And as I learned from her teachers, she has mastered the cell phone. They give her a play one at school and said she just walks around chatting on it all day, saying "Heh-whoa" and "Bu-bye." They say she really acts as if she's having a conversation with someone. If you see your mommy do it often enough, I guess its not hard to pick up.

I mean seriously...what has happened to my baby? 'Cause this girl is all grown up!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


This kid is totally going to be a musician. Maybe professionally, maybe as a hobby, but she loves music. At least once a day, she walks over to the stereo, looks at me and starts dancing in an effort to inform me she would like to listen to her music and dance. Real cute. Or you can just start singing one of her favorite songs and she starts dancing. Unless she's in a bad mood in which case she'll tell you "noooo, noooo, noooo" and hit your legs until you stop.

But lately, she's even been channeling musicians.

This is her LL Cool J look, with her one pant leg rolled up.

And here, she's perfected the Elvis snarl. Complete with her own guitar.

Lookout world.