Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Long time, no blog...

So a month & 1/2 is a certainly a record (an inexcuseable one) for not having updated. To be perfectly honest, I had convinced myself, by dialing into rationalization.com, that no one really read this and therefore had little need to post. But thanks to the complaints of a few close friends, it appears there are people out there, so this update is for them. Jules, I'm talking to you!

So let's start by saying Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Christmas at the Ballard home was extremely abundant. As you can imagine, Ada received everything she didn't know she wanted and more. We had a couple of visits to sit in Santa's lap. The first, she hated, and the second she seemed to tolerate. Special thanks to CNB of Texas for providing Santa and Santa pictures to our community.

We visited the Tolles' household in Montgomery for Christmas and had a very fun time there. Ada enjoyed being spoiled by her grandparents and surviving on a diet consisting mostly of crackers. That's her idea of a vacation, let me tell you.

I must say, aside from all of the toys, clothes and books she recieved, the gift she must be most excited about is the promise of a new baby brother or sister.

Wha-what, you say? Yeah, that was actually Ada's response too. Just kidding, she really has no idea how her world is about to be rocked. But we're optimistic that she will adjust just fine. So anyway, there you have it. The Ballard's will be welcoming a new member to the family come July of this year.

See...here he or she is. And in keeping with tradition (many of you will remember that we referred to Ada as "Peanut" until the day she was born), this baby will affectionaley be called "Cashew." Also, once again, we will not find out the sex of said baby until the delivery which is VERY fun for those of you who haven't tried it.

Anyhow, that's our big news for 2009. We hope everyone has a very blessed New Year and I resolve to work on posting a little more frequently for those five readers out there!