Thursday, May 31, 2007

Peanut's Room

Wow! Two posts in one week. Don't expect me to keep this up! Just a fluke happening.
Last weekend we were able to pick up the baby furniture. And I must tell you, I am now so in love with the nursery! It's turning out to be so cute.

Here's the crib. This is where Peanut will sleep. Mom still has to make the bedding.

This is the view from the doorway.

That's the table I/we'll use to change Peanut.

Aww, Trudy. She's can't wait for Peanut to come home. And she really loves the new fluffy rug.

This is my rocking chair. It's the same chair that Kyle's mom used to rock him. Of course, my mom still has to make cushions for that as well. She's got work to do!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Baby Moon!

Kyle & I took our last official trip as a married couple with no kids! Sad, yet exciting all at the same time. We visited the beautiful Lake Tahoe, compliments of our cousins Marti & Robert, who have a lovely home there that overlooks the lake. This is the view from the cabin and these are our friends who went with us, Sarah & Jason.

The first day, the boys went fishing with their "colorful" fishing guide, Captain Bob. They set out at 4:30 AM and caught 2 fish each. These fish are makinaw trout they fish them out of 200 ft. of water. And they are huge! We ate them for at least 3 meals. Hopefully, I'll have photos of the fishing excursion to share later.
After the boys returned and we had breakfast, we set out for a day around the lake. We stopped every so often and took lots of pictures. Tahoe really is a beautiful place, for those of you who haven't ever been.

Here's our day tour:

On the beach! People were actually beaching in the bathing suits and everything. It still felt a little chilly to us, but what do we know.

The water at Tahoe is so crystal clear, you can't even believe it.

This is the view of Emerald Bay. We were so impressed with this place, we literally stopped every 50 yards to take photos from another view. I'll spare you all the details, but this is one. You can see the island in the background. There's actually a castle on it and the woman who owned this property, had a home on the shore, but would row her friends out to the castle for tea parties!

This is another view of Emerald Bay. You can see the waterfall coming down behind us.

The rest of our time was spent relaxing, going to the spa, playing golf and hiking. Unfortunately, we did not see any black bears despite our efforts. It was a great and much needed vacation, that's for sure! And we even think its a place we'll take Peanut back to some day. Maybe when he/she is old enough to snow ski! Thanks again Marti & Robert!

P.S. Peanut must be one of the luckiest unborn babies ever. So far I've taken him/her on a 1/2 marathon, to San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC, Lake Tahoe and even a Gwen Stefani concert! Hope you enjoyed it, Peanut. I have a feeling we'll be staying a little closer to home for the next few months!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

So far, so good!

Alright, so I'm not very good and keeping this blog updated. But it's been sort of hard since my pregnancy has been so easy so far. I really thought that I would have more stories to share of all the crazy things that are happening to my body, but so far, so good.

Everyone keeps asking if I have any weird pregnancy cravings. And really, the only thing I want, are lemons. Lemon in my water, lemon yogurt, lemonade, lemon-lime gatorade. I even made lemon-iced cookies for a friend the other day. My sister has been advocating that this is not actually a pregnancy craving, rather me turning into my mom. I must admit that my mother confirmed that this weekend when we went to lunch and she immediately ordered extra lemon for the table. Ah well!

The only pregnancy side effect that I can't seem to escape is the ever-growing belly. Below you will see belly pics from last week, which was the 24 week mark. That means we are on week 25 this week and only have 15 more to go! Which is crazy! If I'm lucky, it may only be 13 or 14 weeks which is even MORE frightening! Anyhow, Peanut is definately growing as evidenced by my expanding waistline!

Best wishes to all!