Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just can't wait

So Ada has some favorite activities that she likes to do at any given moment. Playing outside, snacking on crackers, harrassing Trudy and bathing. You can ask her, at any point in the day if she wants to do any of those activities and she will give an emphatic nod of her head and run straight to where that activity typically takes place.

So tonight, it was bath time as usual. I asked if she was ready for a bath, she nodded and started trying to take off her shirt while heading to the bathroom just as she always does. I began running the water and left the bathroom to go fetch a towel from her room. When I re-entered the bathroom, I found this.

I guess she just couldn't wait to get clean. As far as she was concerned, she could have taken her entire bath that way. As long as she got to play in the water.

And, as a testament to affinity for snacking, this is what I found her doing last week.

That is a bag of Special K cereal. I was actually in the kitchen with her cooking dinner the whole time, I'm just not sure how she managed to get the box off the shelf, the bag out of the box and her hand IN the bag before I noticed.
What to do with this child...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Seven Random Things

I was tagged LONG ago to post 7 random things about myself, and in my defense, I did it that day. But I couldn't come up with one or two so I forgot about it. Anyway, here it is now:

1) I have inherited my dad's INability to close a drawer or cabinet door.

2) I will soon have two children that will be about 22 & 1/2 months apart.

3) I've been to 4 out of 6 continents (I don't count Antartica, because really...who wants to go?)

4) I've been married to the most devoted husband in the world for over 4 years.

5) I am secretely teaching my daughter to appreciate Hip-Hop music.

6) I prefer a Baked Lay to a real one any day of the week.

7) I have a love for shoes and handbags and am quite pleased that my daughter seems to have adopted my habits. One of her very first words was "shoo."