Monday, March 30, 2009

No time!

I know its been a long while and I've received several urges to update. However, I am in the midst of planning a major fundraiser that will take place in 3 weeks and every spare moment I have seems to be devoted to that. So as soon as April 18th has come and gone, I will update with a few humorous anecdotes with which Ada provides me almost daily.
But in the interim, here are some photos from our family trip to the ranch. Let's just say we're pretty sure Ada is going to be "outdoorsy."

We're about to take our first 4-wheeler ride. No worries, she only rode with me and we never even went very fast. She did love it though. Everytime she walked by the 4-wheeler, she would say "Ride? Ride?"

Here she is helping Daddy set the hog traps. Sweet as she is, we still haven't caught any.
We are leasing the land to a cattle owner so we have lots out there. Ada loves cows. We have one that hangs out near the road by our house and we always stop to say "Hi" to "Buddy" and blow him kisses when we leave.

Even Trudy made a new friend. This poor calf's mother died so it's been wandering around out there by himself. He didn't really want anything to do with Trudy. I think she finally got the idea after the calf head-butted her.

And now she's enjoying a snack by the fire pit. It unfortunate that her finger is in her mouth because this child stayed nothing but FILTHY the entire time we were out there. There is just so much dirt and as soon as you would wipe it off she would be rolling in it (sometimes literally) again.

Her very first roasted marshmallow. I always insist that we make smores when we go out there because a campfire doesn't feel complete without them, but I probably should have forgone them this time as she had that stuff everywhere.

This one is for Aunt Courtney. When it was getting close to bedtime, we were all watching a movie in the living room and Ada went and found a blanket and made herself "a little pallet." We brough her bed, but that's where she wanted to lie in the meantime.

Experiencing her very first "Rafter B" breakfast. Daddy always cooks breakfast at the ranch. And this kid, loves gravy.
I have lots more pictures to post. Hopefully we can get in one more installment between now and April 18th.
Love to all!