Monday, April 27, 2009

An update in general.

So I didn't get another post in before April 18th, but at least this is less than a month from my last post. Barely, but it counts.

Things have been busy at the Ballard household, although last week offered a welcome break from the madness. Easter was a fun time with a couple of Easter egg hunts and a trip to take photos in the bluebonnets. I'm so thankful Ada has a friend that she just loves. She wakes up most mornings and asks about "Mati." When we get to school, the first things she and Matilyn do is greet one another. It really is cute to see her develop her first friend!

I finally completed my fundraiser and our whole family is glad that I am able to get back to my regulary scheduled wifely and motherly duties, as they were indeed neglected for some time. Ada too, went through some withdrawls while I was withdrawn. Her behaviour with me reached a pretty poor level the week before last and I can only explain that is must have been the lack of attention she was getting from me. Thankfully, we have rebonded and I think we're back on track and spending a lot less time in the corner. Although it does concern me that her acting out is probably going to resurface once Cashew arrives and my attention will be split in 1/2, at best. At least she'll still have Daddy to find lots of things to do with.

And Trudy of course.

I cannot believe Cashew is due to arrive in just over 2 months. It is crazy how quickly this pregnancy has gone, although I realize those last months do seem to feel the longest. Ada really is not prepared (nor are her Mommy & Daddy for that matter) but she does seem to understand that "Cashew" refers to my belly. Everyday she likes to check on "ChaChoo" as she calls it, kiss my belly and then put my shirt back down as if to cover the horror that is my swollen, pregnant tummy. I keep trying to impress upon her, that "ChaChoo" is a baby, but I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm crazy.

And I'm the crazy one...