Thursday, May 21, 2009

Who's a big girl?!

In preparation for Cashew's arrival, we've been playing musical bedrooms at our house. We've moved the nursery down the hall to one of the guest bedrooms, turned the main guest bedroom into Ada's room and have turned what used to be the nursery into the main guest bedroom. Whew. Anyway, last Friday, Ada began sleeping in her big girl bed. I was very nervous about how this might go. For those of you who know Ada well, she is somewhat rigid when it comes to her sleeping routine. Sleeping with us has never been an issue because she really only sleeps well in her own bed. I didn't know what she would do with the freedom of no bed rails or anything to keep her in, but alas, this child just keeps suprising us!

The first night, she got out of bed once just after Kyle put her down. He went back in, put her back in her bed and said goodnight. Not a peep out of the child until 8AM the next morning. In fact, we were making breakfast Saturday AM and Ada reached up to where the coffee mugs rae and said "Cahckee," which is her word for coffee. One night in her big girl bed and she thinks she's ready for a morning cup of coffee!

Every other night she has slept just fine, but has started getting up at 6AM. This does not bode well for her 8 month pregnant Mommy, or "Maudi" as Ada has named her, who is up 1/2 the night anyway with pregnancy insomnia and Braxton Hicks contractions. Today, she made it until almost 8, so maybe we're on our back to a 12 hour sleep cycle. For her, not Mommy.

There's still some decorating left to be done in her room so I'll post photos of the finished product later. And for those of you wondering, Cashew is only 7 weeks away from making his/her debut. July 10th is the scheduled delivery unless he/she arrives earlier. So Matt and Danny, if this baby holds out...looks like you'll have a new one to share your birthday with from now on!

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Courtney Schoon said...

Ahh, she is growing up too fast now. She looks like a proper little girl in that bed. Can't wait to see the new room and nursery.